Burt’s Bees Foundation

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.14.57 PM.png

Do you like the super artsy, fartsy picture of my foundation? I thought if I found some good lighting and put some flowers behind it, people would be ‘like ooohh, now that’s pretty’ ha ha ha!

I was at Meijer for groceries…and I went to check out their selection of Revlon BB creams since I knew I was almost out. First, let me explain what I love about BB creams and why you need one in your life…a BB cream is a multi-use product for your face. B.B. stands for blemish balm, or beauty balm and it is made to do a number of things. It can be used as sunscreen, a moisturizer, a light foundation, or a primer. You can use it in place of all of those things or use it for just one. If this sounds like you’ve heard it before, you may have read my blog post from (sigh…) 5 years ago… (insert forehead slap here) I have been slacking big time on my beauty blogging. You can read about my favorite BB cream in 2014 HERE if you’re curious.

ANYWAY… I personally love this stuff because it is light weight and never cakey and most of the time I prefer less coverage over too much coverage. So keeping this in mind, this is typically how I look for a foundation. When I saw that Burt’s Bees had a makeup section I got really excited and if I wasn’t in a hurry, would have text my SIL because I knew she would be all about it. Instead, I tested this color (Honey) on the back of my hand and fell in love with the consistency and realized it was a perfect match…THEN I got home and text her.

I have worn this everyday since, so it has been about 3-4 days. It claims to be a full coverage foundation but keep in mind, it is a mineral makeup. I don’t personally find it to be full coverage but more of a sheer to medium. It is buildable which is great for any blemishes you want to go back in a spot touch or just to add another layer for more coverage. I love how it looks once it’s on, it has a glowy look but can be more matte if you put a translucent powder over top. It lasts all day with no settling into my fine lines or (dare I say it) wrinkles!   **Note, I have very dry skin that I tend to over moisturize so this may not be the best foundation for over oily skin.

I highly recommend this foundation to anyone with dry/normal/combination skin. I am super excited to go back and try out some of the other products in this line!


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