My Favorite B.B. Cream…What is a B.B. Cream?

bb cream

What is a B.B. cream? Well, it is an amazing, multi-use product for your face! B.B. stands for blemish balm, or beauty balm and it is made to do a number of things. It can be used as sunscreen, a moisturizer, a light foundation, or a primer. You can use it in place of all of those things or use it for just one. I personally use mine as a light foundation in the summer when it is too hot to wear a heavy foundation and I just want a little bit of a tinted, flawless look.

The product is creamy and comes out just like lotion and it contains SPF 27. I put it on my fingertips and blend it onto my face and neck. This can be topped with a powder if you want or, I just leave mine and put my blush and bronzer on as I normally would. This is a great alternative to putting on a moisturizer, sunscreen, a primer, then your foundation, especially during the summer.

I love the Boscia brand B.B. cream because it doesn’t have to be matched up to my skin tone, it is a self-adjusting shade for all skin types, but sadly “one size fits all” doesn’t always fit all, so even though it is self adjusting, you should still test a little out to make sure it matches, even self-adjusting products can have specific undertones (pink, yellow, etc.) Sephora is great for testing out products because they will make you samples of anything they carry. There are so many different options of these creams to choose from, but this just happens to be my favorite!


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