Weddings by Maria & Sarah


Meet Sarah Selby (formerly Sheldon)…Sarah and I met in 2010 at a salon we worked at together in Hartland, Michigan. Her passion for hair and makeup was very apparent and her natural talent, drive to learn, and to better herself as a stylist and makeup artist is what made me want her as my right hand gal! We have always done hair and makeup for bridal parties (separately) but exclusively started working together in 2011.


Scrambling to find a stylist to help you with a bridal party is not fun! Not to mention, harder than you probably think! Not all stylists do special occasion hairstyles and it is even harder to find a stylist who also does makeup, and does it well! You have to trust them, believe in their work, they have to be able to do updos well and enjoy doing them—> which is a big deal because when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it can show in your work. They need to live close enough so the drive isn’t outrageous, among so many other things to be considered! Thank God we have Kourtney (my amazing stylist friend I met in cosmetology school) to be our third when we need her!

When I started Beauty by Maria as a freelance stylist/makeup artist, I knew I couldn’t do larger bridal parties alone and I knew I needed Sarah. When it comes to hairstyling and makeup applications, our styles are very similar which was an added bonus, making Sarah Selby the perfect co-stylist.


As a business owner, my name is on the line and who I have working beside me that day represents me and my business. I am loud, and sarcastic, and honest..I know when to take it down a notch and I know how to be professional because I take my career seriously. I have a passion and I absolutely LOVE what I do and my name and my work mean everything to me!

We would love to be a part of your special day, let us enhance your natural beauty in the comfort of your own home, hotel, venue, or wherever you will be on the day of your wedding! Whether you hire Beauty by Maria or Hair by Sarah Selby, you will more than likely have the both of us there to get your bridal party ready for your big day! For more info check out Beauty by Maria

Oh, and if you think our pictures look amazing, because we think they do 😉 check out Brittni Marie Photography   Kill 3 birds with one stone…Book Brittni as your wedding photographer, and Sarah and I for your hair and makeup!

Here are some more we love  bmp_9275bmp_9108



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