Salon Etiquette


It is not everyday that a person can make money doing what they love and I know how lucky I am. I love my job and the people I meet. I just want people to understand salon etiquette from a stylists’ point of view and hopefully this will help answer any questions you may have when going to see your stylist 🙂

BE ON TIME: We book our clients based on how long a particular service will take and whether or not we can fit another client in during your processing time so when you are not on time, it can throw off the entire day and the clients after you from start to finish. We understand that some things are totally out of your control and it happens…but when it is a consistent lateness, you’re showing you don’t respect our time or the rest of the people who DO show up on time for their appointments. With that being said, if you are going to be late, please don’t wait until your appointment time to let us know this.

PAY FOR YOUR SERVICES AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: I would like to say this should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn’t, especially for stylists who work from home or independently. If you do not have the money on you or in your account to pay for your services, you need to reschedule your appointment. You cannot walk into a grocery store and ask to postdate a check so please don’t ask this of us. When you pay for your service, you are giving us a portion of our paycheck.

TIPPING: You should always be tipping your stylist, period. More than half of what we are paid, regardless of whether or not you pay cash, has to go toward; booth rental, replenishing color, products, scissor sharpening, electricity, water, towels, license renewal, continued education, foils, gloves, brushes, etc… anything you see in the salon that helps it to function daily and our tips are that little extra that we can actually keep for ourselves.

PICTURES ARE A POINT OF REFERENCE: I personally love pictures as a point of reference only…Sometimes it’s hard to get on the same page with a client as to what look they want to achieve with only discussing it, so a picture can be a great thing.. (Pinterest is a great place to get them!) However, there are some things to keep in mind while scrolling through colors and styles you want, they are just is usually altered, they are not moving so you only get to see how the hair is sitting in that particular picture. Just be realistic when looking at pictures to show your stylist because they really can be an awesome tool!

TRUST YOUR STYLIST: We know your hair, we have experience.. so please, please trust our judgement! I don’t mean chop off all of your hair because we said you have the face for it… especially if you love your long hair lol but when we explain that going from dark to light in one day may not be possible, or your that your hair will pull very brassy, or the amount of work that will go in to maintaining a color/cut/highlight that you want could be a lot of maintenance, understand that we have the experience to know an outcome and just trust us 🙂 We only want what’s best for you and your hair!

DON’T ASK FOR DISCOUNTS: This is not only stylist related, I know makeup artists deal  with this as well. Having a business where I specialize in Bridal hair and makeup, I have gotten the email a time or two: “would you be willing to do it for such and such amount?” I will  never understand why anyone would think this is okay. Our prices are our prices and have been set accordingly based on our worth, our experience, our time…This is our art, our career! Think of what you make hourly at your job, now picture someone asking you if you could do your job for the next 2 hours for less than what you would normally get paid…you would tell them to take a flying leap! So, please don’t ask this of us. If you do not like the pricing your stylist/makeup artist has set, all you have to do is say ‘thank you I have decided to go elsewhere’ and move on, no hard feelings.

Talking with a lot of my stylist friends, I think we can almost all agree on the biggest issues we have dealt with over the years working, whether it be in a salon, at home, or freelance. This post is in no way meant to offend anyone, just for everyone to understand a few bullet points on salon etiquette. XOXO


Burt’s Bees Foundation

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.14.57 PM.png

Do you like the super artsy, fartsy picture of my foundation? I thought if I found some good lighting and put some flowers behind it, people would be ‘like ooohh, now that’s pretty’ ha ha ha!

I was at Meijer for groceries…and I went to check out their selection of Revlon BB creams since I knew I was almost out. First, let me explain what I love about BB creams and why you need one in your life…a BB cream is a multi-use product for your face. B.B. stands for blemish balm, or beauty balm and it is made to do a number of things. It can be used as sunscreen, a moisturizer, a light foundation, or a primer. You can use it in place of all of those things or use it for just one. If this sounds like you’ve heard it before, you may have read my blog post from (sigh…) 5 years ago… (insert forehead slap here) I have been slacking big time on my beauty blogging. You can read about my favorite BB cream in 2014 HERE if you’re curious.

ANYWAY… I personally love this stuff because it is light weight and never cakey and most of the time I prefer less coverage over too much coverage. So keeping this in mind, this is typically how I look for a foundation. When I saw that Burt’s Bees had a makeup section I got really excited and if I wasn’t in a hurry, would have text my SIL because I knew she would be all about it. Instead, I tested this color (Honey) on the back of my hand and fell in love with the consistency and realized it was a perfect match…THEN I got home and text her.

I have worn this everyday since, so it has been about 3-4 days. It claims to be a full coverage foundation but keep in mind, it is a mineral makeup. I don’t personally find it to be full coverage but more of a sheer to medium. It is buildable which is great for any blemishes you want to go back in a spot touch or just to add another layer for more coverage. I love how it looks once it’s on, it has a glowy look but can be more matte if you put a translucent powder over top. It lasts all day with no settling into my fine lines or (dare I say it) wrinkles!   **Note, I have very dry skin that I tend to over moisturize so this may not be the best foundation for over oily skin.

I highly recommend this foundation to anyone with dry/normal/combination skin. I am super excited to go back and try out some of the other products in this line!

Weddings by Maria & Sarah


Meet Sarah Selby (formerly Sheldon)…Sarah and I met in 2010 at a salon we worked at together in Hartland, Michigan. Her passion for hair and makeup was very apparent and her natural talent, drive to learn, and to better herself as a stylist and makeup artist is what made me want her as my right hand gal! We have always done hair and makeup for bridal parties (separately) but exclusively started working together in 2011.


Scrambling to find a stylist to help you with a bridal party is not fun! Not to mention, harder than you probably think! Not all stylists do special occasion hairstyles and it is even harder to find a stylist who also does makeup, and does it well! You have to trust them, believe in their work, they have to be able to do updos well and enjoy doing them—> which is a big deal because when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it can show in your work. They need to live close enough so the drive isn’t outrageous, among so many other things to be considered! Thank God we have Kourtney (my amazing stylist friend I met in cosmetology school) to be our third when we need her!

When I started Beauty by Maria as a freelance stylist/makeup artist, I knew I couldn’t do larger bridal parties alone and I knew I needed Sarah. When it comes to hairstyling and makeup applications, our styles are very similar which was an added bonus, making Sarah Selby the perfect co-stylist.


As a business owner, my name is on the line and who I have working beside me that day represents me and my business. I am loud, and sarcastic, and honest..I know when to take it down a notch and I know how to be professional because I take my career seriously. I have a passion and I absolutely LOVE what I do and my name and my work mean everything to me!

We would love to be a part of your special day, let us enhance your natural beauty in the comfort of your own home, hotel, venue, or wherever you will be on the day of your wedding! Whether you hire Beauty by Maria or Hair by Sarah Selby, you will more than likely have the both of us there to get your bridal party ready for your big day! For more info check out Beauty by Maria

Oh, and if you think our pictures look amazing, because we think they do 😉 check out Brittni Marie Photography   Kill 3 birds with one stone…Book Brittni as your wedding photographer, and Sarah and I for your hair and makeup!

Here are some more we love  bmp_9275bmp_9108


Simple Little Things. Handmade Baby Items

profile pic 2



The day has finally come…I am now at the age where everyone is having kids. A lot of my friends are getting pregnant and I couldn’t be happier for them! What an exciting time in their lives, and mine, because I get to visit babies and hand them back when they start to cry LOL….With all of the pregnancies, there come the baby showers. When I found out 2 of my friends’ were having girls, I wanted to make a gift so I started making headbands, which has now turned into this weird obsession and I can’t stop making them!

I find myself to be a pretty creative person and this was becoming a new hobby, so I decided to start selling the headbands I was making. My friend Jessica (who was one of the friends having a baby girl) started making handmade bibs and together we came up with Simple Little Things, a Facebook page, to promote our handmade products. Right now, we have bibs, headbands, and tiebacks—if you aren’t familiar with what a tieback is, it is a headband that ties on, they are used a lot for getting pictures taken but I personally like wearing tiebacks because they don’t hurt my head—anyway, we will be adding other items on our page as well.

We take custom orders-a general idea of a pattern you may want, colors, sizes, etc. The headbands and tiebacks can also be made for adults 🙂 We are very excited about our new venture and hope you will love our handmade items as much as we love making them! Check out our page and let us know what you think! Share with your friends as well 🙂

You will find high quality, hand crafted accessories and essentials for your precious little ones. We hope that you enjoy our unique selection including headbands, bibs, burp cloths & car seat canopies. Check back often for new patterns and designs!

Simple Little Things items make the perfect gift!

Once you have found the item you want to purchase, please comment “WANT” underneath the items’ picture along with a private message to us regarding how you would like to pay. We accept cash, check, and paypal. We also offer shipping which will be an additional charge. Thank you so much!
-Jessica & Maria

Hair and Makeup are my Art!


I made a status on my facebook the other day on how being able to do hair and makeup well, is an art. The reason I felt it necessary to make this post was because it is too often that I hear “oh she is not a good stylist” or “she’s not very good at makeup” I don’t even mean that I hear this about myself as an artist, but other stylists and makeup artists as well. Of course, not everyone will like everything I do so they will not come to me or maybe they won’t come back to me, I am not offended by this because that is what happens when you’re in this industry. People need to keep in mind that like anything else, you might just not like what that artist creates and that is okay. This was the status:

Being able to do hair and makeup is an art. This takes creativity and an updated sense of fashion. This takes knowing what will compliment a persons’ face, or the outfit they are wearing. Doing hair and makeup is an art, like sculpting or painting is an art. Not everyone does it well, and not everyone will like it. So instead of saying/thinking someone isn’t a “good” artist, try saying/thinking their art just isn’t your taste. We love what we do and God has blessed us with this talent that not everyone has, but we aren’t for everyone and that is okay. I love my art and I am so blessed it was given to me!

And that is all I have to say today about it! lol 🙂

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

So…I have to say, this article that I am posting took the words right out of my mouth, to an extent anyway….because this woman actually does offer airbrushing along with traditional makeup and I do not (not yet anyway). I have so many people ask if I airbrush, unfortunately I do not at this time. I would love to look into it. There is so much hype about airbrush makeup that I think people don’t realize, just like anything else, you need to do your research and it all depends on the talent of the artist.

With that being said…I am posting the link to her article and to’s website with her perfectly worded thoughts and opinions on airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup. Please take a minute to check it out if you have questions about airbrush makeup vs. traditional.

We Made it to IMATS NYC!

imats us

What an amazing weekend! My friend Melissa and I flew out on Friday afternoon and arrived at Laguardia airport around 1:30pm. We got a cab right outside the airport and headed into the most traffic EVER (lol not really, but it was pretty busy). The cab took us to our hotel, Pod 51 ….which was exactly like it sounds, small and pod-like. We had bunkbeds which they, as most hotels do, put a way cuter room on the website than what we actually got, but we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we booked a pod. We each had our own T.V. (but mine didn’t work :-/ ) and a shared bathroom with that entire floor. The shared bathroom really wasn’t that bad, it locked and there were 4 on the floor, we never had to wait for anyone so that was nice, but I must say, I did miss the convenience of being able to walk right into the bathroom from inside our room. The hotel itself was adorable, very boutique-ey and very clean. We changed our clothes and refreshed our faces and left to go stand in line at Pier 94 (where IMATS was being held) for the Pro-card event. The Pro-card event is the night before the actual general admission IMATS. If you have the card, it is because you are a professional or a student who will be a professional. You are able to be among other pro artists and shop without crazy lines.



We were starving but of course didn’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner, so we stopped at a hotdog truck….so, there’s that…… Once we walked 1.7 miles to the Pier, I had blisters and was instantly regretting not wearing running shoes with my dress (what we do for beauty). While in line, we met 2 amazing women, who actually didn’t know eachother before that day. We were so blessed to have such amazing weather, it made standing in line that much more tolerable. I think it was about 70 with a little bit of wind, perfect for standing in line…outside lol. Once we made it inside, I can’t even describe the feelings we had! We were overwhelmed, excited, amazed….Booths of product everywhere; makeup, brushes, spray tan, skin care, airbrush systems, glitter, setting sprays..OH MY GOSH! It was heaven and I suddenly forgot everything I planned to buy. We went to almost every booth there!




pro card

We left the Pro-card event around 7:30pm and headed back to the hotel because we had too many bags that needed to be dropped off before we went to check out Time Square. We got a cab and headed off for Time Square which was just such an awesome experience. Melissa promptly pointed out the steps that the Glee cast danced on in an earlier episode, but sadly I couldn’t remember that particular epsoide 😦 So, I had to look it up and found this—-> (stairs from GLEE) 🙂 We were right by those stairs! Okay, that stuff excites me….We did some exploring and started discussing how it would be so cool if we could catch a broadway show while we were there (we were leaving sunday at 7:20am). After exploring, we went to this amazing restaraunt down the road from our hotel called Ashton’s Alley, this was the best meal while in New York, that we got to experience…sadly.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed back to the Pier. We decided not to walk the whole way because I had a huge blister on my pinky toe and my feet were killing me. Once we got there, the line was triple the size it was the night before but I wasn’t surprised about that. This was the day general admission tickets were accepted, which were sold out in the blink of an eye months before. Inside there were so many people and huge lines had already formed but we were there for the speakers and the education.

We got to see 3 key note speakers:

Eve Pearl- Five-time Emmy winner, she has done make-up for television, film, theater and print. Her work has appeared on Today, The View, Good Morning America and the Academy Awards. Her book Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques is a must-have for beauty insight. Pearl created the Eve Pearl cosmetics line and has worked with celebrities including the Obamas, Arianna Huffington, Justin Timberlake and Barbara Walters.

Kanesha Perry- From retail to the runway, Kanesha Perry has been beautifying clients for more than 17 years. She truly believes in beauty from the inside out, whether it be celebrity clients, editorial, fashion- week shows or helping the everyday client find the perfect hues. Perry believes that personal divinity radiates from within us all.

Kevin James Bennett- Created IN MY KIT® a cosmetic buying guide for professional make-up artists, and Makeup Art + Design Enterprises Inc, a cosmetic consulting company focusing on product design and development, brand strategy, copywriting, sales promotion and more. Bennett has worked on retail, print, runway and celebrity projects. His television work has earned him five Emmy nominations and two wins. His credits include the Law & Order franchise, Another World and As the World Turns. He has appeared as a beauty expert on programs including Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America and Today, and his beauty advice has appeared in Elle, InStyle and Town & Country.

Because of the limited amount of time we had in New York, we decided to leave IMATS early and go experience the city, since we both had never been before. We went to Battery Park and got a picture of the statue of liberty, we went to SOHO for some shopping, we went to resale shops (which are so much more amazing than what we have around here), we went into Coyote Ugly and did a shot, then danced on the bar for a minute (it was Coyote Ugly….how could we not?!), we walked past lots of bums, lots of graffiti, a lost weave, horse drawn carriages, endless food trucks, crowds EVERYWHERE—oh, apparently the President was in town to see a show so they had a bunch of roads closed off, which was quite annoying because we had to keep walking out of our way to get around it all.



It was getting closer to 8pm (which is when most of the broadway shows start) so we went on a hunt for a show we wanted to see but of course we couldn’t find any of the theatres. We checked out Wicked but the tickets were $179 and they only had single tickets. We ran down the sidewalk to find where Cinderella was showing and found Chicago but decided to keep looking for Cinderella. Once we found it, they only had single tickets as well. We sprinted back to Chicago and got tickets but we were starving, so we then ran to get a piece of pizza…okay, Melissa sprinted to get pizza and I instagrammed a picture of the Chicago sign, then I jogged behind her lol. We scarfed a piece of pizza and got into the theatre. The show was so amazing.

After Chicago, we were exhausted but decided because it was our last night, we were going to keep wandering the city. We checked out the M&M’s store (which is 3 levels), the Disney store, and Forever 21—the biggest Forever 21 I’ve ever been in AND it was open until 2am. We really didn’t go into any other stores, we were just so enthralled by everything we were seeing. We got back to the hotel around 2am and started packing, went to bed at 2:30am and woke up around 4:30am to get ready for our flight.

So, that was our very short weekend! Everyone we met along the way was so great and friendly, and the weather was perfect. It was all such an awesome experience. I can’t wait to go to IMATS again and visit New York again 🙂

Pictures from our trip!—> Facebook


IMATS NYC here we come!


I wrote a blog on February 12 about how my friend and I had booked our flight and hotel to New York for IMATS, but she didn’t get her ticket…if you missed it, you can read it HERE …. WELL, by the grace of GOD, we were able to get another ticket! You have no idea how excited we are.

I was able to apply for a pro-card from I didn’t realize I could apply for the Blue pro-card (there are levels of pro-card members)–>LEVELS I told her not to get her hopes up and I would stay calm as well….

Low and behold, as I was sitting in my basement, getting the red in my hair stripped out, colored, and highlighted for 4 hours…God came through, in the form of an e-mail.


It was my approval for the pro-card application! Why does this pro-card mean so much, you ask..well, there were still tickets available for PRO MEMBERS ONLY, the general admission was sold out and what I had originally bought was a general admission for Saturday. When I became a pro member, I was able to transfer my general admission ticket into my friend’s name and buy myself a ticket for Saturday. We were also able to get tickets to the pro event on that Friday night 🙂

So, that is my update on that 🙂 We are super pumped to go! Cannot wait until April!!!!!!

I am going to IMATS NYC!!


Sooooo…IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I have my favorite YouTube girls who I watch who do amazing makeup tutorials and they were talking about how they were going to IMATS, I had never heard of it so of course I had to look it up. I was like “UMMM NO WAY! This will be amazing!” It’s like a hair show…which if you have never been, is quite amazing. I can’t believe this was the first I was hearing about it. I will post a link below to their website.

Well, since this is my first year going, I can’t tell you first hand what to expect but I will definitely post when I get back. Which then leads me to our “situation” that my friend and I are currently in. I ordered my ticket and she did not…we then booked our flight and hotel, shortly after this, she went to buy her IMATS ticket and they were sold out for Saturday’s show 😦 so now we are in a slight predicament…Hotel and flight to New York=FAB…no ticket to IMATS for her and me having to go by my lonesome=NOT so FAB … all we can do is keep looking to see if someone will sell us a ticket and pray! This will be our first trip to New York City so we are still excited about that.