Anastasia Brow Definer

I just got this brow definer even though it has been out for about a year or so. When I saw it was coming out I was like “Oh My Gawd, I need this in my life”..but once it actually came out, I put it off because I use her brow wiz which is amazing and didn’t want to spend the money, but I thought maybe this would be quicker to use since it has a thicker, triangular tip.

I have only used it twice now, and I am thinking it’s not really making my brow filling process go any faster, which disappoints me. This, just like the brow wiz, is retractable and comes with a spooly for blending on the opposite end. They have many shades, my suggestion would be to go into Sephora and match your shade as close as possible before purchasing. They are both smudge-proof and long lasting (another reason to love Anastasia products).

The brow wiz has a much finer tip which emulates your real brows but it does take a little longer than using a powder brow filler or something with a thicker tip. I find that my right brow is much easier to do with this (I am right handed) but when I have to do my left..oh boy, what a challenge. I may need more time but I am thinking this may be a product better for my kit rather than personal use.



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