Marc Jacobs Highliner

IMG_0426.JPGBlack eye liner is the hardest liner to stay put all day. There are so many techniques to help “keep it in place” which work for a little bit but low and behold a few hours goes by and your black eyeliner, which was once perfectly placed on your water line and lid, are melting off your face and you start looking as if you’ve been punched (not cute). The one time I did fall in love with a liner, it was a gel liner (which I still keep in my kit because it’s amazing and more sanitary than a pencil) Maybelline Eyestudio gel pot, it comes with a brush that you have to use to apply it which just takes more work and time.. BUT this is not practical for everyday use, unless I wanted to spend even longer getting ready and I do not.

I received a Marc Jacobs mini gel eye crayon in the birthday present Sephora gives you and once I used it, I realized it was life changing. Not only does this stay in place all day, it doesn’t run or smear, it is just perfection. Even though it is amazing, keep in mind it will wear just like any other makeup and if you have it on for 12 hours, it will fade a bit, but thats to be expected. I would assume this stays on so well because it is a gel and not a typical pencil liner. There is something about gel that is really genius, it goes on smooth then doesn’t budge. So, hopefully the Marc Jacobs Highliner is still in the gift at Sephora so if it is your birthday month or if you missed your gift during your birthday month go in and get your gift! And if not, well you’ll just have to buy one but trust me, it is worth the splurge!

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