My dry skin routine…

Well, it’s been awhile….but let’s pretend it hasn’t and we will move forward 🙂 I want to talk about dry skin. I have terrible dry skin especially in the winter and it drives me crazy. It is so hard to get foundation or concealer to look decent when you have dry, flaking skin on your face so I want to talk about what I do to avoid this. You don’t have to use all of these products but this is my face washing and moisturizing routine.

First, I wash my face with Origins clean energy cleansing oil Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil  I usually use about 2 pumps and cover my whole face and neck ensuring I have removed all of my makeup. I then add water and you will notice it goes on as an oil and then slightly suds up once water is added.

After drying my face off, I use Origins anti-aging serum all over my face and neck.f7574d367b2d5b83f14c353968ec8ba0

I then apply Origins eye doctor under eye moisturizer be636192ae16a13cf207ec1249b96c49

So, while at Origins (because I love their products, as you can tell) the sales associate gave me their “most hydrating” face moisturizer which is this—-> Origins-Anti_Age-Make_A_Difference_Plus_Ultra_Rich_Rejuvenating_Cream the make a difference plus….BUT this does not hydrate my skin as much as it should so sometimes I don’t even use this during the day, I will before bed but with how dry I am right now,

I skip this one and go right to coconut oil Natures-Way-Organic-Coconut-Oil-033674156735 this is the one I use for my face and my whole body.  You can get it at Kroger in the natural section. This would be the first step you would take after washing your face, if you skip the anti-aging serum, under eye moisturizer and the face moisturizer…most people could probably just do the coconut oil and be good to go but of course, not me…I am thinking the fact that we have a wood burner doesn’t help my dry skin problem :-/

Once the coconut oil has soaked into my skin, there are times (not everyday) that by the time I get to my makeup I need more moisture. Yes, I know….It is out of control how much I put on my face but you need to take care of your skin!! So I use Embryolisse Lait-Creme concentre embryolisse_lait_creme(it’s French) so fancy…lol not really but it’s a great product that I keep in my kit for anyone who has dry skin before I do their makeup. This can also be mixed with foundations or concealers if they are too thick and need to be sheered out a bit.

Once I am entirely hydrated, I apply my hydrating foundation LOL..yes more hydration. So, right now I use Mac face and body foundation MAC Face and Body Foundation C4 (1) but I am in the process of trying other medium coverage, hydrating foundations. I love this product for a more sheer coverage and keeps the moisture in my skin, but I want something with a little more coverage so once I find “the one” I will blog about it. This is a great product especially for summer when you have a nice little glow and nothing to really cover up on your face, apply with a damp beauty blender or foundation brush.

Once my foundation is applied I use Benefit’s erase paste concealer thfor my under eye dark circles…this is another hydrating product that won’t dry and crack under your eyes. Be sure to set this with a little bit of mineral powder so it doesn’t settle into fine lines throughout the day. Same goes for any areas you may get oily in later in the day. I do get a little oily in my t-zone but not until later so I very lightly set my under eye area and my forehead and nose. Sometimes I won’t set anything but this all depends on your skin.

I know this is a lot but this is what I personally do with how dry my skin is. This routine changes so much once summer hits though!


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