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The day has finally come…I am now at the age where everyone is having kids. A lot of my friends are getting pregnant and I couldn’t be happier for them! What an exciting time in their lives, and mine, because I get to visit babies and hand them back when they start to cry LOL….With all of the pregnancies, there come the baby showers. When I found out 2 of my friends’ were having girls, I wanted to make a gift so I started making headbands, which has now turned into this weird obsession and I can’t stop making them!

I find myself to be a pretty creative person and this was becoming a new hobby, so I decided to start selling the headbands I was making. My friend Jessica (who was one of the friends having a baby girl) started making handmade bibs and together we came up with Simple Little Things, a Facebook page, to promote our handmade products. Right now, we have bibs, headbands, and tiebacks—if you aren’t familiar with what a tieback is, it is a headband that ties on, they are used a lot for getting pictures taken but I personally like wearing tiebacks because they don’t hurt my head—anyway, we will be adding other items on our page as well.

We take custom orders-a general idea of a pattern you may want, colors, sizes, etc. The headbands and tiebacks can also be made for adults 🙂 We are very excited about our new venture and hope you will love our handmade items as much as we love making them! Check out our page and let us know what you think! Share with your friends as well 🙂

You will find high quality, hand crafted accessories and essentials for your precious little ones. We hope that you enjoy our unique selection including headbands, bibs, burp cloths & car seat canopies. Check back often for new patterns and designs!

Simple Little Things items make the perfect gift!

Once you have found the item you want to purchase, please comment “WANT” underneath the items’ picture along with a private message to us regarding how you would like to pay. We accept cash, check, and paypal. We also offer shipping which will be an additional charge. Thank you so much!
-Jessica & Maria


2 thoughts on “Simple Little Things. Handmade Baby Items

  1. I purchased 2 beautiful headbands from these ladies for friends’ of mine who each had a newborn daughter within a week of each other. I just wanted to get them something special and pretty. (I get excited to dote on baby girls, because I only had a boy). The quality was wonderful and the mothers were truly touched and impressed with the quality.

    I highly recommend checking out their facebook page. Their prices are also reasonable.


  2. Reblogged this on Speckled Pearl and commented:
    This is my friend Maria’s beauty page. Please check her out. This particular entry is dedicated to a small business that her and her close friend started up. They make headbands, hair ties, and bibs, etc. for babies, and they’re just adorable, reasonably priced, and personalized.

    I recommend checking it out if you know someone who’s pregnant or just had a baby. They can be for toddlers, or adults too!

    Please also peruse her entire blog, as she’s a true professional. She gives excellent no Bullshit advice. Which I very much like about her. If the hairstyle you picked out just isn’t going to work with your hair…she’ll straight up tell you. Not because she’s one of those people who’s controlling and just wants to do it “her way” (because she’s not like that)…but because she genuinely looks out for her clients, and cares about her works of art…i.e. your head/face.

    She’s doing the hair/makeup for my entire wedding party (with most likely some additional help). She’s in the Hartland, Michigan area, and her contact info is on her blog. Please let me know if you have any questions I’d love to field them to her, or put you into contact with her directly.



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