Hair and Makeup are my Art!


I made a status on my facebook the other day on how being able to do hair and makeup well, is an art. The reason I felt it necessary to make this post was because it is too often that I hear “oh she is not a good stylist” or “she’s not very good at makeup” I don’t even mean that I hear this about myself as an artist, but other stylists and makeup artists as well. Of course, not everyone will like everything I do so they will not come to me or maybe they won’t come back to me, I am not offended by this because that is what happens when you’re in this industry. People need to keep in mind that like anything else, you might just not like what that artist creates and that is okay. This was the status:

Being able to do hair and makeup is an art. This takes creativity and an updated sense of fashion. This takes knowing what will compliment a persons’ face, or the outfit they are wearing. Doing hair and makeup is an art, like sculpting or painting is an art. Not everyone does it well, and not everyone will like it. So instead of saying/thinking someone isn’t a “good” artist, try saying/thinking their art just isn’t your taste. We love what we do and God has blessed us with this talent that not everyone has, but we aren’t for everyone and that is okay. I love my art and I am so blessed it was given to me!

And that is all I have to say today about it! lol 🙂


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