The POREfessional Primer by Benefit

pore fessional


This primer is amazing! I bought a little 3 pack of different primers at Sephora last week and this was one of them. I had never used this before and I am always skeptical about primers because I have tried a lot and most don’t do anything different (that I can see). Benefit clearly knows what they are doing, especially with their primers! This is so smooth and velvety. Okay, maybe you aren’t even sure what a primer is or why you should be using one, so I should explain first.

A primer for your face should (in my opinion) essentially be like a primer when you’re painting something. It’s purpose is to conceal any imperfections to provide a smooth base to work off of. A primer can do a number of things, depending on what kind you buy. They make primers that will make you “glow”, fill in your pores, help with hydration, help with oily skin, correct redness, etc. You use a primer alone or with foundation over it and they help hold your makeup all day and can reduce shine. This particular one fills your pores and literally feels like satin or velvet…literally haha. I have worn it with foundation on top of it and I have worn it by itself and LOVE it both ways. If you have never used this, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Right now, at Sephora, up by the check out they have a 3 pack of the Pore fessional, “That Gal”, and Girl Meets Pearl for $18. “That Gal” is a brightening primer. Girl Meets Pearl is a primer that gives you a pretty “glow”, you apply it lightly over your foundation. This 3 pack comes in 7.5mL tubes and is a great, in-expensive way to try them out. I am attaching Sephora’s link so you can see what the packaging looks like. They are out of stock right now online. Go check it out! I am IN LOVE!!!!


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