IMATS NYC here we come!


I wrote a blog on February 12 about how my friend and I had booked our flight and hotel to New York for IMATS, but she didn’t get her ticket…if you missed it, you can read it HERE …. WELL, by the grace of GOD, we were able to get another ticket! You have no idea how excited we are.

I was able to apply for a pro-card from I didn’t realize I could apply for the Blue pro-card (there are levels of pro-card members)–>LEVELS I told her not to get her hopes up and I would stay calm as well….

Low and behold, as I was sitting in my basement, getting the red in my hair stripped out, colored, and highlighted for 4 hours…God came through, in the form of an e-mail.


It was my approval for the pro-card application! Why does this pro-card mean so much, you ask..well, there were still tickets available for PRO MEMBERS ONLY, the general admission was sold out and what I had originally bought was a general admission for Saturday. When I became a pro member, I was able to transfer my general admission ticket into my friend’s name and buy myself a ticket for Saturday. We were also able to get tickets to the pro event on that Friday night 🙂

So, that is my update on that 🙂 We are super pumped to go! Cannot wait until April!!!!!!


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