Sugar Lip Polish


This winter has been ridiculous! It has been so cold and bitter, then sort of warm, then rainy…really? PICK A SEASON!! Not only have my allergies been acting crazy, my body has been dry, and my lips have been chapped. My lips were so bad recently, I couldn’t take it anymore. They were dry, cracked, and raw and I happened to be by a Sephora (or went out of my way to end up by one?…) and went in with a sugar lip scrub in mind (I knew I wanted a lip exfoliating product) I wasn’t sure on the brand but knowing Sephora, I figured they would carry something!

An employee there, told me about Fresh Sugar Lip Polish so I bought it. The smell is so yummy, I thought it would be a vanilla smell, maybe because it’s brown and I was thinking brown sugar and it DOES have brown sugar crystals in it….I don’t know, brown sugar and vanilla go together, right? Anyway, the smell is more of a light citrus, yummy body wash smell….or else that’s my personal take on it.

You apply it with your finger and massage it in. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and rinse away with warm water. I used this once a day for 2 days and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I do realize I could have made this, but just like every other American, conveience took precedence at the time! This has made my lips so soft. It is a little pot (0.6oz) but will last you FOREVER! I love it 🙂


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