I am going to IMATS NYC!!


Sooooo…IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I have my favorite YouTube girls who I watch who do amazing makeup tutorials and they were talking about how they were going to IMATS, I had never heard of it so of course I had to look it up. I was like “UMMM NO WAY! This will be amazing!” It’s like a hair show…which if you have never been, is quite amazing. I can’t believe this was the first I was hearing about it. I will post a link below to their website.

Well, since this is my first year going, I can’t tell you first hand what to expect but I will definitely post when I get back. Which then leads me to our “situation” that my friend and I are currently in. I ordered my ticket and she did not…we then booked our flight and hotel, shortly after this, she went to buy her IMATS ticket and they were sold out for Saturday’s show 😦 so now we are in a slight predicament…Hotel and flight to New York=FAB…no ticket to IMATS for her and me having to go by my lonesome=NOT so FAB …..so all we can do is keep looking to see if someone will sell us a ticket and pray! This will be our first trip to New York City so we are still excited about that.



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