How I made a lipstick palette


I have so many lipsticks that I have to carry around in my kit and not only do they take up too much space, I have to open each one to show the colors I have so I decided to make a special palette with all of my indvidual lipsticks.

What you need:
-Empty palette (mine is a Z-Palette)
-Empty pans (mine are Z-Palette pans, I used square but you can use circle ones as well)
-Knife (be careful not to cut yourself)
-Candle (light it)

So, first I wound up the lipstick as far as it could go and cut about half of it off, dropping it into the little pan. For these square pans, I found that half of the stick of lipstick fit well.

I picked up the pan, with the chunk of lipstick in it, with my tweezers and held it over the lit candle. Be careful not to hold it too close because it will burn the bottom of the pan and you can burn the lipstick. Move it around a little being super steady and careful. Once the lipstick melts completely, set it on a towel to harden and cool.

Z-Palette pans come individually and with separate magnetic backings that you peel the sticker off of and stick to the pan. This will magnetize to your empty palette. I used the large palette for this because I will be adding a lot more colors, but if you want smaller, they do offer smaller ones.

Link to where I bought my Z-Palette and pans:


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